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Many people all over the world are making money from Airbnb hosting, so what's involved?

by Pass The Keys


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3 Aug 2017

Airbnb has grown at a rapid rate globally since its foundation back in 2008. Having created a whole new concept in the hospitality industry, they have made the hotel behemoths of the world sit up and take notice. It has also provided a platform for people to make money in an area they might have previously overlooked and for the consumer, they have provided a viable alternative to the traditional hotel room offering. For the consumer, they are presented with options to suit practically all travel budgets; from those who would traditionally have stayed in a hostel to those who would have only considered a penthouse hotel suite.

Airbnb has created a concept and allowed the discerning traveller the option to stay in an authentic living situation of many cities all over the world. We are also witnessing people making handsome incomes from the letting of their property or parts (rooms) of their property. Airbnb’s blurb is that they are creating a community and with such a user friendly interface on the sides of the traveller and the property owner/renter, it’s easy to see how they can state that claim.

The guys over at EZ Living have put together this useful guide if you’re at the consideration stage of Airbnb hosting. It covers what to think about at the outset; issues like personal security and also how to optimise your listing. Check it out below to learn more!


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