Top 5 Tips For Writing A Great Airbnb Listing Title

Pass The Keys shares with you 5 easy to follow points to make your Airbnb listing title fantastic and attract more guests.

by Pass The Keys


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25 Nov 2016

If you wish to succeed on Airbnb, it is critical to choose your Airbnb listing title wisely. The title of your Airbnb listing should have this objective: catch people’s attention as soon as they scroll through the results.

If you want to learn how to name your listing to attract more guests, follow these 5 points:

1. Make it catchy

Adjectives are known to draw users’ attention. Include words such as cosy, lovely, spacious, bright when describing your property. Wouldn’t you rather click on “Newly refurbished modern two bedrooms flat” than “Two bedrooms flat”?

2. Use all the available space

Airbnb provides users with 35 characters. Don’t waste this opportunity to inform people about your property, use all 35 of them! For example, use a thesaurus to find shorter words or longer words if you need them, pretty is a shorter version of beautiful but if you have the space extraordinary is better than great.

3. Avoid putting unnecessary information in your Airbnb listing title

When users search for listings, they have already selected the city they wish to visit in the base search criteria. Therefore, it is redundant and a waste of space to include your location in the listing title.

However, you should smartly employ location relevant information. Emphasise, when relevant, the vicinity of public transports, tourist attractions, city centre etc. Eg. “Near Trafalgar Square”

4. Highlight your property’s best feature

If the primary asset of your flat is a spacious terrace with an incredible view of the city, this should be included in the listing title. People who are looking to relax and have a glass of wine before dinner while enjoying a beautiful sunset will be immediately drawn to your title.

What do you like to do in your flat? If you include your favourite activities that you can do on your property, people reading your listing will feel more drawn to it if they can relate to you!

5. Update your title to mention current events nearby

Having a relevant title for upcoming events is crucial for your Airbnb listing. Knowing when and why potential guests are interested in your area is a huge advantage. You should adapt your title to reflect what people are looking for and thus increase interest in your property.

For example: If it is August and you’re renting your property in Edinburgh, your title could contain something along the lines of: “be in the middle of the action at The Fringe Festival this year”. Anyone looking for a place to stay during the festival in Edinburgh is certainly going to click on your listing!

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