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by Pass The Keys | News | 7 Feb 2018

UK Property Register for Foreign Property Investors

In response to the increased awareness of money-laundering and tax avoidance due to the 2016 release of the Panama Papers, the British government will introduce a public register. This register, announced by the UK’s business ministry, will pressure foreign corporations investing in property to divulge the identities of the ultimate owners of the property. This will be especially significant in London where the top-end properties, including many of the city’s central penthouses, are highly sought after by foreign buyers.

The register will be released by 2021 in hopes of curbing the foreign criminal activity within the UK property market. Business minister, Greg Clark, believes, “This world-first register will build on [the UK’s] reputation for corporate transparency as well as helping to create a hostile environment for economic crimes like money-laundering.”
Of course, foreign property investors with legal intentions will not be penalised by the register; in actuality, it may even help law-abiding investors. If the register is successful in deterring sordid investments, lawful foreign property investors may be able to enter the top-end property market with increased ease.

This, coupled with the predicted 2018 property market slowdown, may foretell the perfect opportunity for foreign buyers to look into the UK property market.

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