Top Celebrity Airbnb Rentals

The best Celebrity Airbnb destinations, from Rihanna to Beyonce to Kimye, see where the rich and famous spend their vacation time.

by Pass The Keys




7 Oct 2016

Holidaying in a home away from home is the new trend in vacationing, so it only makes sense that celebrities have been hooked by the Airbnb lifestyle. Here we take a look at some of the most impressive celebrity Airbnb rentals.

Palace fit for a diva

This gorgeous 18th Century Italian villa in the beautiful location of Argegno, Lombardia caught Mariah Carey’s attention and you can see why. The 8 bed property will set you back £9459 per night; with beautiful views of Lake Como and plenty of space for entertaining, this is a perfect getaway.

Kimye take New York

The Kardashian-Wests needed somewhere beyond fabulous for their time in New York during fashion week and boy did Airbnb deliver. This luxe Tribeca penthouse suite boats 360 views of NYC and costs a whopping £8089 per night. However, you can only rent this out for a minimum of a month, so you’re looking at a minimum spend of £250,759. If you’re Kimye, you stay for free – thanks Airbnb!

Emma’s Hawaiian Hideaway

Spiderman actress Emma Stone used Airbnb in Honolulu, Hawaii while filming Aloha – much better than a hotel, right? This one isn’t as costly as Kimye’s pad, but still rents out at £3236 per night. Modern luxury in paradise, you couldn’t ask for better.

Rihanna’s Oahu Oasis

Staying in Hawaii for the moment, but moving to Oahu you’ll find The Paul Mitchell Estate. Built in the ’80’s by the late hairdresser Paul Mitchell, this is a truly breathtaking sanctuary from a hectic life. Rihanna took a break from her work work work work work here for a tidy £4853 per night.

San Fran Heights for Queen Bey

When Beyoncé’s in town, you know she’s only going to frequent the most stylish of haunts and this San Fran mansion does not disappoint. Racking up a Kimye worthy £8089 per night, this is the epitome of luxury and elegance. Hidden away in the Los Altos hills, Bey could gaze down on her temporary Queendom of the San Francisco Bay while preparing for her famous Superbowl performance.

Not quite Baker Street

This one’s a little bonus for us Brits. Although not technically rented out by a celebrity, this gorgeous Welsh “Gentleman’s Residence” has been used for Doctor Who and Sherlock filming. So no, Mr Cumberbatch hasn’t stayed here, but it is a part of BBC Television history, which is still pretty cool.

So, there you have it, some of the most glorious celebrity Airbnb rentals. Want to live like modern royalty? Head on over to Airbnb and check out your next holiday destination, maybe there’s something for you. If you think you have somewhere that could do as well as these places, contact us and see what you could get for your pad. Who knows, maybe when Beyonce’s next in town she’ll be staying at your Soho setup? Maybe Rihanna would love your Covent Garden crib? What do you have to lose?

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