Airbnbae: Top Airbnb Love Stories

Airbnb has had success in building friendships the world over, but what about romance? We take a look at the best Airbnb love stories.

by Pass The Keys




21 Oct 2016

Belong anywhere. Airbnb’s slogan pushes the company ethos of bringing people together the world over. Sharing your home with a stranger not only builds friendships, but it’s also been shown to be a catalyst for romance. We took some time out this week and scoured the net for some of the best stories of Airbnb love.

Hosan and Adi

This story of Airbnb love is set in D.C. The host had run out of room but, as he was out of town, gave up his own bedroom to a guest and so Hosan and Adi ended up sharing this gracious stranger’s apartment.

They were both new to the city; Hosan was visiting from NYC to launch a business and Adi from Switzerland, doing research for a book. So, they decided to explore the city together.

What they thought was friendship became more and they spent a year and a half in a long distance relationship. Adi then moved to D.C. to be with Hosan and after 2 years together they got married! Hosan now jokingly refers to Airbnb as a dating website, and we can see why.

Bree and Frank

When Aussie Bree checked into her London Airbnb to settle into the city, she didn’t expect to be joined by tennis player Frank.

After some persistence on Frank’s part, the two ended up dining together every night of their stay and then reconnecting when Frank returned for Wimbledon. now they travel frequently and have found a happy, balanced life together.

According to Bree’s social media pages, the two are now engaged. Congratulations guys!

Megan and Tocco

Now for a slightly different story; Megan didn’t meet Tocco while sharing an Airbnb with him. She was drinking a coffee in a local Berlin cafe near her rented apartment and met Tocco. They later discovered he was living in the apartment opposite hers, so he offered to lend her his bike to explore the city and the rest is history.

After just 3 months of long distance, he moved from Berlin to D.C. to be with her. 3 years later the couple find themselves living in San Leandro and they are expecting their first Airbnbaby!

Ben and Noa

This love story started in Tel Aviv, where a disappointed Ben missed out on Noa’s apartment as she was away in Brazil and forgot to delist her property. Feeling bad when she saw the messages, Noa invited Ben for a coffee to make up for the mishap.

Fast forward a couple of years and Ben and Noa have married in a beautiful private wedding ceremony. Well, it started off as private but not many things stay private when they’re held at the San Francisco headquarters of Airbnb.

Once staff got word of the wedding, they gathered to witness the union of two Airbnbers in love – plus the company gifted the couple with $5000 in Airbnb credit, happy honeymoon!

Bryan and Marisa

These two met when Bryan stayed at Marisa’s Florida Airbnb. As their relationship developed, they moved in together to Bryan’s 3 bed Boston property and made $25,000 renting out 2 of those 3 bedrooms.

The happily in love pair then took that money travelling and it has inspired them to do something amazing for other couples.

Bryan and Marisa are offering their home for free to dedicated couples who want to travel but don’t have the necessary funds. They are accepting stories to the email address, their home is open (for free) from now up until July 2017 and they’ll select the best stories to enjoy a free stay.

From weddings and babies, to round the world trips and Wimbledon stars, Airbnb really has brought the world some love stories for the ages.

Who knows, maybe some day you’ll create one of your own!

These are just some snippets, but click the links throughout to take you to the full, original stories. Full credit of course for the images and background goes to the original authors and to the lovely couples.

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