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Airbnb Management for Property Owners in Durham & Sunderland

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Hassle-free Airbnb management that optimises your rental income.

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Want to stay in one of our properties? Visit

Why let Pass the Keys manage your Airbnb?

We provide exceptional Airbnb hosting and guest experiences

What Airbnb management services does Pass the Keys provide?

Property Management

  • Professional Airbnb cleaning & laundry
  • Photos after each clean
  • Property performance dashboard
  • Maintenance

Guest Management

  • Guest screening
  • Accidental damage insurance
  • 24/7 guest support
  • Remote guest check-in

Listing Management

  • Professional property photography
  • Listing creation
  • Price optimisation
  • Multiple platforms

We are an Airbnb Professional Co-Host

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Airbnb Management Service in Durham & Sunderland

Pass The Keys is expanding to Durham & Sunderland, the UK's leading short let management service, and are now offering our services to property owners in Durham & Sunderland to make managing their holiday and short-term lets efficient and hassle-free.

Our Franchise owner Barbara has personal experience owning two award winning holiday lets along with a wealth of knowledge from previous roles in hospitality and property management.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I have lived all over the country before finally settling in the Durham and Sunderland borders in the seaside town of Seaham. The area and the people are simply amazing!

I really enjoy all aspects of hospitality and anything to do with property. I have completed many refurbishments with the design, coordinating trades and adding value.

What drew you to partnering with Pass the Keys?

I was looking at ways to manage more holiday lets and possibly start my own independent management company when I came across an advert for Pass The Keys. I was so impressed with the Head Office support team, their proven systems and knowledge along with outstanding technology. It just seemed the perfect fit.

I also wanted to be able to use my property and hospitality skills and build a business. I have achieved this partly with the 2 short term let properties along with another rented property. I see this as a great opportunity to build on my current business and get the best service and financial return for homeowners and investors.

Why is Durham & Sunderland good for short-letting on platforms like Airbnb?

In short 2 vibrant cities, stunning countryside joined by the North East coastline. This offers great opportunities!

Durham City is home to one of the most recognizable landmarks in the UK, majestic Durham Cathedral. Together with adjacent Durham Castle, this UNESCO World Heritage Site forms one of the most stunning city panoramas in Europe.

Sunderland is home to several new innovative industries including engineering, advanced manufacturing, digital, technology, aerospace and more.

Both cities are surrounded by stunning countryside and coastline. Also, both cities have large university complexes with visiting families and friends. Durham University is ranked one of the top universities in the UK.

Why does Durham & Sunderland need a short-let management company like Pass the Keys?

Short-letting can be very rewarding but also very demanding.

Finding cleaners (or cleaning yourself), linen changes, managing bookings, queries, guest check-in, guest check-out and repeating the whole process is rather daunting.

As this area grows, I believe that it needs an exceptional host and guest services, Pass The Keys and my team are the short-letting experts to deliver this service.

Pass The Keys also gives Landlords unique and bespoke technology for hassle free transparency, from the bookings to photos of the change overs to monitoring the financial performance.

What is your top tip for homeowners short letting their property on sites like Airbnb?

Great photography that makes your property stand out along with the right number of photography

Having a clean clutter free property is top of the requirements from guests. So, ensuring you have the right level of service to the property in place is key.

Making every guest feel that they are special and achieving good reviews for future bookings.

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