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Make your Airbnb property stand out to maximize your income! Check our easy to follow tips to boost your income.

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12 May 2016

Let’s assume that you’ve given your Airbnb property a basic makeover, and gained some valuable experience as an Airbnb property manager. In this post we talk about what to do next to make your place stand out, and in doing so, to maximise your Airbnb income.

Know Your Guests

After a few months of hosting, try to find common features among your guests and identify the groups that your property is most appealing to. These could be families, business people, traveling students who prefer low budget options, etc. Each group will value different features of your place. To find out who they are and what they need, talk to them, ask for feedback, such as what they think is missing from the flat. Of course, you cannot satisfy the desires of all your guests, but you can identify the most commonly requested items and supply them.

Personalize the Space

Once you learn about the audience, you can tailor your Airbnb property to the tastes of a particular segment. But do keep it simple; there’s no need to carry out any huge renovations. Make your property look authentic and aligned with the geographic location so that your guests remember that they are in London.

Tip: The cheapest way would be putting some London pictures on the walls, like Big Ben, London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral. It may seem trivial, but tourists come to London to see these places.

Details and Amenities

An outstanding property is all about experience – show guests how thoughtful you are. Necessities are must-haves, but think about nice-to-haves too, and make them part of the experience. These can include books, maps, umbrellas, DVD player, and board games for evenings when your guests don’t feel like going out. After all, Airbnb is all about living like a local!


Yes, you put an extra effort to personalise your Airbnb property. But don’t forget – it is the info on the website that will make the first impression on your guests. Make sure that the title is catchy, description is welcoming and attractive, and photos (for more info about photos, press here) reflect the unique personality of your place, as well as it’s high quality.

Personal Items

Finally, before letting your guests in, make sure that you remove all the personal items from the flat. In this sense, Airbnb service should be more like a hotel experience – people come to the space and make it their own. So, think in advance of a good storage place for your belongings.

Thinking about your target audience and making your Airbnb property stand out for certain customers will require a lot of work. And when you’re done with it, you will probably be so tired that the whole endeavour of being an Airbnb property manager will sound like torture to you. But don’t be discouraged – Pass The Keys can help you be a great host and achieve your goal quicker without any hassle. Call us now at +44 20 8050 2818 to get a Free Assessment, and let us provide expert host management services on your behalf!

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