How much can I earn short-letting my flat in London using Airbnb,
Homeaway and other platforms?

This is probably one of the first questions that comes to mind for anyone thinking of short-letting their property. Here are some of the main factors that will affect your potential rental income:

  • Location

    The closer to city centre or other major attractions, the better, though it doesn't necessarily have to be Mayfair! Anything close to a river, major museums, night life, etc all helps. Proximity to transportation is also a major bonus.

  • Size

    Size Matters, especially for how many people your property can accommodate. Many visitors come in groups or with family. Therefore, guests often calculate the price per room or per person. Usually, if your home has two bedrooms, you could earn double than if it has one bedroom.

  • Amenities

    Do you have a roof terrace, a working hot tub, garden, plasma TV, high speed internet, parking, etc? All the things you assess when choosing a hotel are also important for short-let apartments.

  • Condition

    Having fresh paint, modern equipment, and nice curtains does matter. People will judge whether they like your home based on photos they see on Airbnb or Homeaway. We can help with making good photos and advice on small improvements, e.g. cheerful pillows if necessary.

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