Happy Halloween! Spookiest Airbnb Rentals

This week we take a look at the spookiest Airbnb Halloween rentals in the UK. While they're not all haunted, they're most definitely haunting!

by Pass The Keys




28 Oct 2016

As it’s Halloween this week, we figured we’d take a look at the spookiest places available to rent on Airbnb here in the UK. Not for the faint hearted, these top picks are sure to give any thrill seeker a suitably haunting stay. Happy Airbnb Halloween!

The Haunted Bedroom at Talliston

This beautifully decorated bedroom (pictured at top) recreates, in alarming detail, the bedroom of a seven year old Edwardian child. The old fashioned toys and Edwardian decor give the room an especially creepy feel. Choosing to stay in this “haunted” room over the other rooms in the house gives the guest exclusive access to the rest of the property. Would you take the risk?

Dairsie Castle

The perfect setting for a haunting Halloween night in, maybe even a murder mystery, this is the perfect spot for a group of friends to get away for a fun few days. Dairsie castle may look inviting in the warm light, but just imagine those open spaces at nightfall. Anyone, or anything, could be lurking in the shadows…

Hackett Castle Tipperary

This 15th Century tower house has a kooky and eerie feel about it. The owners lovingly restored this interesting piece of history and now rent out the top floor as an Airbnb. Isolated in the Irish countryside, reading scary stories by the light of the fire would make a perfect Halloween eve. Many reviews list this as the highlight of a trip, so it’s worth a visit even if not for the scare appeal!

Headfort House Ireland

In keeping with the Emerald Isle, but moving away from castles, this school would be another perfect location for a murder mystery night. Usually used for summer school activities, complete with tennis courts and playing fields, there’s so much space to play with here. Late night wanderings around the grounds could make for a truly spooky experience and would also the perfect opportunity to play tricks on your friends.

Cumbrian Castle

Another castle that isn’t specifically listed as being haunted, but boy would this be creepy to stay alone in. Some of the interior designs wouldn’t be out of place in Dracula’s pad! Situated just on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, think “Wuthering Heights.” Well off the beaten track, enjoy the eerie quiet of the English countryside in this beautiful, historic setting.

The Haunted Chamber Apartment

Set in the beautiful city of York, this haunted apartment isn’t just creepy, it’s gorgeous! As it’s a holiday home, you’ll have free reign of the whole apartment. York is an amazing city as well, so you can spend your days exploring and then come home to this cosy, yet haunting space of your own. With a little stairwell, Tudor style beams and even a bathtub in the bedroom, the quirks make this place a unique stay. Would you brave a haunting?

Victorian Hospital Converted Flat

I’ve saved the best til last here. Complete with facilities to create your own cinema and even a cocktail making bar, this is a fabulous place for a long weekend getaway. Although it’s been lovingly converted into a beautiful apartment, this used to be a hospital during the Victorian times. Patients most definitely joined the afterlife in this property, so who knows what spirits are lurking within.

We love all of these places and wouldn’t even limit ourselves to staying just over Halloween. This time of year, it gets dark so quickly that any day can be Halloween if you want it to be. Think your place could be marketed like these ones as a haunting home? Short let with Pass The Keys and see how much you could make from the business of spooking!

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