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Frequently asked questions

Learn about our Full Management Service and how we can help you achieve your goals.

  • What Does Pass the Keys Offer?

    Pass the keys offers a comprehensive hospitality management package which includes pricing optimisation, calendar and booking management, guest vetting, guest greeting and communication, cleaning, and laundry services. We take the hassle out of short-letting!

  • Who Is Pass the Keys For?

    If you’d like to short let your property and achieve the highest potential income without compromising on safety, we are the right service for you. You might be a landlord who wants to boost your rental income or a frequent traveller who’d like to make some extra money while you’re away.

  • How Will You Maximise My Occupancy Rate?

    We have a dedicated revenue management team who monitor your Airbnb (and, HomeAway, etc.) listing performance on a daily basis and apply a dynamic pricing strategy to fill any open dates or last-minute cancellations and ensure your property maintains a high occupancy rate.

  • How Will You Ensure The Safety Of My Property?

    We place our approach to effective, proactive stewardship of your assets at the heart of everything we do. We have developed a specialised method of guest screening and will advise you of any damage that may be caused to your property.

    Airbnb provides a Host Guarantee of up to £600,000 to cover any potential damages, and we can also recommend specialised home insurance for extra peace of mind.

  • Where Do You Currently Operate?

    We currently operate in Bath, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, and Oxford. Don’t worry if you have a property outside of these areas - we will do our best to find a solution for you.

  • How Do I Get Started?

    To get the ball rolling, simply give us your details via the form found here or call us directly on 020 8050 2818.

    Our lovely specialists will be able to explain our services, walk you through the process, and provide you with an estimate of how much your property can make through short-term letting. If needed, we can schedule a visit to your home as well.

  • Can You Furnish My Property?

    While we can’t provide furniture ourselves, we’re always happy to lend our expertise to help you maximise the value of your property on short-let platforms. Things like knowing where to put toiletries, or how to stack chairs, can make all the difference!

  • How Much Can I Make From Renting With Pass The Keys?

    While the exact percentage depends on many factors, such as the characteristics of the property, local rates, and the time of year, we expect you to make at least 150% of what you’d earn from long-term rental income after our fees have been deducted.

  • What Do You Need From Me For The Property To Be Ready?

    Our service is as hassle-free as possible! You may need to invest in a few extra sets of linen and towels, but in some cities, we provide these as part of the service. Please consult our specialists for more details.

  • How Soon Can I Start?

    You can begin using our management service within just a few days of signing up. We just need time to prepare your listing.

  • Can I Cancel The Service?

    You can cancel our service at any time. We don't believe in long-term contracts or hidden fees.

  • What Kind Of Support Do You Offer To Guests?

    As a Hospitality company, we’ll do everything possible to ensure that your guests have a great experience. This starts from the moment a potential guest makes their first enquiry, and we ensure clear and effective communication, a streamlined check-in procedure, and 24/7 assistance during a guest’s stay.

  • How Will I Know How My Property Is Performing?

    You will have complete access to all information regarding your listing including pricing, guest communication, income, and reviews. We will provide full transparency on how we work to achieve your goals.

  • How And When Will I Receive Income?

    You will receive your income directly from Airbnb at the moment guests arrive at your flat. Other platforms may differ in how they process payouts, so please ask our specialists for specifics.

  • Can I Set My Own Property Rules?

    Absolutely! Just let us know, and we will include them in addition to our standard house rules. As a default, we do not allow guests to make excessive noise or smoke within your property.

  • Can Your Service Accommodate Special Requests?

    The standardisation of our service model allows us to support you in a prompt and efficient manner, maximise your occupancy rate and generate the highest possible income from your property. As such, we cannot make special arrangements on a per-property basis. We are always eager to improve our overall offering, however, so please don’t hesitate to suggest ideas!

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We provide property management services for Airbnb,, Home Away and other short let platforms. Pass the Keys is an independent third party and is not affiliated or endorsed by Airbnb or its affiliates, in any way.