Christmas Airbnb - Is Your Home Empty Over the Holidays?

Christmas is coming and that means the guests are coming! Here's why you should short let a Christmas Airbnb

by Pass The Keys




4 Oct 2016

It’s coming up to that time of year again! You guessed it, Christmas is only around the corner now and it’s the perfect time to capitalise on Airbnb. Christmas Airbnb bookings can be so profitable, especially in a city like London, but you need to get that listing up and running if you want to make the most out of it!

Why Christmas?
  • The weeks leading up to, during, and after Christmas are some of the most profitable months in the year for Airbnb.
  • A lot of people go on holiday at Christmas, leaving their homes empty. This is the perfect opportunity to fill that space and make some money through short letting.
  • Festive attractions like Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, ice skating at the Natural History museum and Christmas shopping at Harrods mean that tourists flock to the city throughout the festive season.
The Brexit Effect
  • With the value of the pound at it’s lowest in years, even more tourists than usual will be heading to the UK to take advantage of the exchange rate.
  • More tourists means higher occupancy rates, which means higher profitability.
  • On the flip side of the Brexit argument, the lower pound means that it’s more expensive for us Brits to go to away. This is no longer a problem if your empty home is making money for you while you’re out of the country.
Great Reviews
  • Whether this is your first venture with Airbnb or you’re already set up, positive reviews are invaluable. Decorating your property with some festive cheer will make a real difference to any guests visiting for Christmas and is a great opportunity for you to stand out among other holiday rentals.
  • It’s also so much fun! Who doesn’t love decorating their home for Christmas? Let’s face it, you’d do it for yourself anyway so it’s no extra effort.
  • Raking in the top reviews through your Christmas Airbnb will set you up perfectly for the New Year. Potential guests rely on reviews when deciding where to stay, so utilise Christmas to give yourself a boost and send yourself into the New Year with a top chance of winning more guests.

Christmas Airbnb rentals are the perfect opportunity to make a decent profit and also a great way to kick off your Airbnb account, if you’re just getting started. Do you think your property could sleigh on Airbnb this season? (get it? SLEIGH?! Like Santa?…. ok, never mind..) Fill out our for below and get a Free Assessment to see how much you could earn!

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