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The Leading Short-Term Let Management Service Operating Across the UK

Pass the Keys is a short-term let management company. We are revolutionising the short-term let market: We help homeowners manage their properties and provide an exceptional service to guests, while maximising our clients' revenue stream. We are fast-paced, dynamic and rapidly growing - this is your opportunity to jump onboard for the experience of a lifetime!

We offer challenging roles, plenty of opportunities to grow and develop and the chance to turn your ideas into reality. Our people love it! Our word isn't enough? Feel free to check out what they say on Glassdoor.

A few extra reasons why you should join us:

You get a day off on your birthday! Plus we have a "Celebrations Policy" to ensure all those important life moments that matter (whether getting married, having a baby, or your Pass the Keys anniversary) don't go unnoticed!

Massive opportunities to grow and develop because of ambitious growth targets and challenging roles.

Working Hours: our normal operating hours are from 9:30 to 18:30, but we strive to support flexible working arrangements where possible - we've got your back!

Our Culture Code

We believe that every individual has something wonderfully unique and valuable to bring to the table. Diversity of people combined with a strong sense of collective alignment around what really matters and what differentiates us, is the magic sauce for success.

Our values are the backbone of our company culture. Check them out:

We Deliver What We Promise

  • We take pride in always delivering our best
  • We don’t make promises on behalf of other people
  • We only speak facts / present information that is accurate

We Take Ownership

  • We thrive on taking personal ownership of projects, but recognise that success can only be achieved through collective effort
  • We own both our successes and failures - and recognise the learnings they provide are critical to our growth as a business, as teams, and as individuals

Every Week A Better Company

  • We are naturally curious
  • We challenge ourselves to always be learning
  • We are creative in our thinking, never just taking the easiest and quickest route to an outcome
  • We collaborate to innovate - we encourage co-creation and diversity of opinion
  • We support the development of others, by sharing best practice, knowledge and skills amongst our community

We Care

  • We are open to listening to new ideas, and to support their execution
  • We take the time to get to know those around us
  • We aren’t judgemental, all opinions matter
  • We are empathetic to others, respecting there is more to life than just the hours in the office!
  • We treat every customer as if they were our only customer

We Don't Waste Resources

  • We are respectful of our own time and the time of others
  • We only work on what supports our company goals
  • If something isn’t going to plan, we cut our losses and change tact

We Are Proactive

  • We strive to foresee challenges and solve problems when they are still molehills (not mountains!)
  • We put ourselves forward when and where needed, even if it is outside of our role remit or comfort zone
  • We are driving the agenda, not a passenger within it

If this sounds like the type of environment you'd thrive in, we'd love to hear from you!

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