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by Pass The Keys | News | 1 Mar 2018

Where to Buy: Cambridge Rental Market Suggests it is Time to Invest in Buy-to-let Property

2018 Cambridge property predictors expect the city’s robust rental market to continue to flourish.

Cambridge - a city known for its innovative technology, pharmaceutical, and educational triumphs - attracts many students and professionals looking for rental contracts suitable for shorter more flexible stays. On average, renters are looking to live in Cambridge from 1 to 3 years - the usual duration of a university course and/or employment contract. This, coupled with the growing population has significantly increased the demand for medium and long-term rentals in Cambridge.
High demand in Cambridge rentals indicates higher occupancy and higher prices, translating to increased landlord incomes.

Cambridge also offers great investment opportunities to foreign investors. Although Brexit fueled economic uncertainty has caused a weakening in UK’s overall property market, the weakening of the Pound has lowered exchange rates, making price tags much more attractive to international buyers. 2018 is the year foreign investment should set their sights on Cambridge buy-to-let property. With Education being one of the key British exports, investment properties will continue to strive in markets where property supply is limited and demand growing.

Now, more than ever, Cambridge also has the infrastructure to support buy-to-let property investments. Property managers such as local property management company, Pass the Keys, are equipped to manage all aspects, from marketing and tenant/guest communication to cleaning and maintenance. This allows foreign investors to maximise their return on investment without having to do any of the groundwork.

For more information on a hassle-free solution to your Cambridge buy-to-let property investment, check out Pass the Keys.

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