Boost Your Airbnb Likeability With Your Profile Picture

Boost your Airbnb likability with your Airbnb profile picture. Discover the do's and don'ts when creating a successful picture.

by Pass The Keys


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4 May 2016

As we know, certain factors are crucial for convincing Airbnb guests to choose your flat among the many others on offer, such as location, size, decor, and price. However, studies show that one of the factors that most affects the decision-making process is your profile picture.

A recent piece of research published in the latest edition of trade journal Tourist Management explains how personal photos in Airbnb can build trust and reputation in the sharing economy. The study shows that the more trustworthy and reliable the host appears in their profile picture, the more they can charge on listings, and the higher the probability of their property being chosen over others.

So, how can this information be used to our advantage? See below for the do's and don'ts when creating a successful Airbnb profile picture.


  • Smile - those who smile in photos were considered more trustworthy in a study from NYU in 2015
  • Eyes - a study from Princeton in 2008 discovered that faces showing a 'surprised' expression were considered more trustworthy than other facial types

Also, according to NYU, you should show a positive expression - a regular smile or happy look will do the job!


  • Angry expressions - Temple University found that angry looks were generally associated with untrustworthiness
  • Don't smile or laugh excessively - exaggerated expressions are also perceived as being untrustworthy

Keep in mind that you have to look yourself; don't try to appear as someone you're not. If you have a family, maybe having your wife/husband in the picture with you is a good idea. Or if you are single, just show your personality, and you'll be more likely to make a good impression.

So, why not try a home photoshoot, change the profile picture, and increase your Airbnb likeability today!

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