Airbnb Trips: The New Experience Service

New Airbnb service titled Trips, created to offer "where you stay, what you do, and the people you meet, all in one place."

by Pass The Keys


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6 Dec 2016

At the Airbnb Open, the company’s CEO and co-founder Brian Chesky revealed a new Airbnb service titled Trips, created to offer “where you stay, what you do and the people you meet all in one place.” Indeed, the new feature offers several options to create some unique experiences (such as tours, activities, etc.) that will finally give travellers a key to the city together with the opportunity to be directly involved in the local community.

Social Impact Experiences

In addition, the company has created a section entitled “Social Impact Experiences” which allows users to meet hosts from local nonprofits organisations and help them in their causes that can vary from women’s rights to climate change and animal rescue. Need an example? One of the experiences is designed to give travellers an idea on how prison life was back in the days by spendingthree days in South Africa guided by Jack Swart, Nelson Mandela’s former prison guard. Most importantly, 100% of profit goes directly to the organisations.

Cities that offer Airbnb Trips

At the moment, Trips offers around 500 experiences that Airbnb users can choose from, created and provided by locals in 12 cities including Detroit, Havana, Nairobi, Florence, Tokyo, Paris, Seoul, San Francisco, Miami, Cape Town, Los Angeles and, of course, London! And 39 more cities are expected to offer the same service soon. Regarding the price of these experiences, they vary depending on what they offer, however, on average they are cheaper than $200.


But the surprises do not end there: Airbnb has partnered with ‘Detour’ an audio tours company and ‘Resy’, a restaurant booking platform. Thanks to these partnerships, users can now explore and discover different neighbourhoods simply by listening to an audio tour and making reservations for restaurants directly through their Airbnb app.

Pass The Keys News

Trips aims to give travellers exclusive access to local activities and experiences while allowing hosts to share and make the most out of their passions. In other words, this new service will revolutionise the way we travel and experience new places. Speaking of new places, Pass The Keys has now launched in Edinburgh, and Manchester, we’re looking forward to giving hosts in those cities a fantastic service and enabling more guests to stay in those cities and maybe even take an Airbnb Trips experience there as well! Click here if you want to get a glimpse of Airbnb Trips Experience from Hannah Meltzer.

Inevitably, more and more people are expected to use the app, therefore, don’t miss the chance to list your property on Airbnb! Are you interested in exploring short-term letting for the first time but you don’t have time to dedicate? Give us a call on 020 8050 2818 to speak with one of our experts to discuss our hassle-free Airbnb management services. Or get a Free Assessment of your property’s income potential on Airbnb.

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