Airbnb teams up with Resy - In-App Restaurants Reservations are available now!

After launching "Experience" one year ago, Airbnb takes the next step to follow their commitment to focus on the whole trip of their guests.

by Pass The Keys




22 Sep 2017

In 2016 Airbnb launched 'Experience', a social campaign designed to improve customer experience by giving clients the opportunity to ‘match’ with hosts offering individual ‘experiences’ around their city in addition to the standard agreement for accommodation. Airbnb has now gone the extra mile and has further pushed its commitment to focus on the entire trip of their guests with the new In-App Restaurant Reservations tool. Customers can organise meals with friends without leaving the Airbnb App! Thanks to the partnership with Resy, the Airbnb Community is now heading for new culinary experiences. Restaurants that are curated and selected by Resy include local favourites, award winners and internationally acclaimed eateries.

The new features include:

  • Ability to search for restaurants by map view, meal type, cuisine type or time of day
  • Access to around 650 restaurants curated by Resy, with the possibility to reserve tables and pre-select your meal through the app.

The plans of the new Airbnb/Resy team are bigger than just creating a restaurant reservation tool. In the future, they want to implement more dining options like exclusive tables or social dining experiences where guests can share a meal and e-meet other Airbnb travellers. Stay tuned!

Unfortunately, the new feature of Airbnb has just launched and is currently only available in top dining cities across the United States. In the following months, Airbnb and Resy will expand to international destinations. Hopefully, London will be next.

We can’t wait to welcome the new features in the UK Airbnb market and provide our guests with In-App restaurants booking to make their stay even more memorable.

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