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6 Sep 2016

Airbnb is one of the most successful online marketplaces for short-term rentals. There is an increasing number of homes appearing on Airbnb as the popularity of the platform grows. Meaning more competition for hosts to book out their properties.

Would you like to know how to distinguish your Airbnb listing from others and get more bookings?

We have compiled seven easy to use tips to help improve the visibility of your home on Airbnb through search engine optimisation (SEO). Search engine optimisation is the magic which will help your property appear high up on the listings.


Your response rate impacts your listing's position in Airbnb search results. Whenever you get a message from a guest, you need to be quick and consistent in responding to them. All initial inquiries should be answered within 24 hours. Otherwise, your response will be considered as a late one.

According to Airbnb, you can improve your response rate and response time by doing one of the following within 24 hours:

  • Accepting or declining a reservation request
  • Sending a message back to a guest who has sent a reservation request or a booking inquiry
  • Pre-approving or declining a trip described in a booking inquiry

The response rate is the percentage of new inquiries and booking requests you responded to within 24 hours in the past month.

The response time is the average amount of time it takes to respond to the all initial messages in the past month.


Airbnb rewards hosts who keep their prices and dates accurate on a regular basis. Try to stay responsive and active on the site; even a simple daily visit to your calendar page will improve your ranking.


Price your Airbnb property smartly. Ensure that the price per night you are marketing at is competitive and in tune with what is currently available in your neighbourhood. Initially, it can be useful to start your price per night slightly lower than other properties to stand out against them. Once you have generated some reviews, you can look to price yourself higher.


Airbnb, like search engines, gives higher priority to listings that appear more than once across the internet. Link your account to social media, share your listing on Facebook and Twitter, ask your friends to like and share it. Active social media engagement will show Airbnb that you are a trustworthy partner and serious about your listing.


Airbnb states that having good reviews (5-star) from guests can significantly boost the ranking for your Airbnb listing. Having good reviews is very important as it is something guests pay attention to from the start and is a factor for them when deciding to make a reservation. To gain positive reviews and establish a top-notch a reputation you need to make sure your guests have a great time in your home. Be kind, responsive and helpful in all communication before, during and after their stay. Be the first to leave a glowing and detailed review for your guests; it will increase the probability of getting a great review in return. You should ask the guests for a review if they forget about it.


Give guests tips on how to get the most of your home and the city by creating a guidebook which provides a breakdown of any house specifications, some of the popular destinations nearby and around in the city, as well as stipulating how to get around by public transport from your home. You can also share your favourite local attractions and restaurants with your guests. Including popular tourist attractions will improve your ranking in search results as well.


Airbnb has periodically been introducing some new features to their website. To stay being updated and competitive, Airbnb hosts are suggested to visit the online platform occasionally and react to the necessary changes. Having an accurate listing with every section thoroughly completed will showcase your reliability and responsibility to host guests at your home. Upload high-quality pictures of the rooms and make sure you have a great Airbnb listing titel, an attractive, detailed and informative description of your property and amenities.


This is not a comprehensive list; they are a good set of uncomplicated principles we have found to boost homes exposure on Airbnb. Airbnb search engine optimisation (SEO) can be simple when you know how!

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