Airbnb Guest: Why to choose Airbnb over hotel

Airbnb vs hotel is a popular topic for discussion among travellers now. There are four main reasons to choose Airbnb over hotel.

by Pass The Keys




27 Jul 2016

A new era of travelling and hospitality has come; tourists are looking for alternative ways of experiencing new cities. ‘Airbnb vs hotel’ is a popular topic for discussion among travellers now; and many would argue that the best way to “live like a local” is by renting a serviced property in a preferred location. Pass the Keys is here to make short-term renting through Airbnb hassle-free, and to ensure that guests are provided with the best management service at our apartments.

Pass the Keys have come up with four primary reasons as to why travellers choose Airbnb over hotel if they want to get the most of their long-awaited trip.

Price variations: Being offered accommodation in 190 countries, guests can always find a property at a price they can afford and are willing to pay, renting either a private room or a three-storey villa with an ocean view. It all depends on the variety of options people would like to see in their rented accommodation. According to Daily Mail (2016) guests in London save around $100 on average if they stay at the rented Airbnb apartment rather than hotel.


Flexibility: Staying at an Airbnb property is also flexible in terms of space, and guest’s specific preferences or needs. Check-in times can be negotiated, as well as bringing pets, and kitchen facilities are at full disposal enabling tenants to buy and cook their own food at any time, and invite friends over for dinner.

Specific neighbourhood experience: One might have been told about a small cafe on a beautiful narrow street with flowers all around, a place where that person might like to have morning breakfasts with a cup of freshly made espresso coffee and croissant. Finding an Airbnb property around that area can help to make a small dream come true!

Place to socialise: Renting a private room and living together with a host or other travellers will not only save money, but also help to explore a new culture, learn a new language and make new friends

Choose Airbnb over hotel to get an unforgettable experience and make yourself at home at the greatest cities with Pass the Keys Management services.

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