Refer Your Friends & Earn £200!

Pass the Keys’ referral programme gives you the opportunity to refer your friends and earn £200 for every sign-up. And to make things even better, their first booking will be free of charge for them to trial our service.

A win-win situation all-round

If you know of anyone who could benefit from our award-winning service, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch quickly.

How It Works

  1. Benefits
    • For every Successful Referral of a Qualified Property, you will receive £100 payable on the date of the start of the agreement and £100 after 3 months.
    • The host you refer to us will receive his first booking free of charge.
  2. Terms
    • Successful Referral: a successful referral occurs when a person, who is not a current Client of Pass the Keys, signs an agreement with Pass the Keys as a Client, to give Pass the Keys the right to manage their property on a Full Management basis.
    • Qualified Property: a qualified property is a property with at least 1 bedroom (i.e. not a studio) within Zone 1 or 2 of London.
  3. Conditions
    • The new Client must sign on with Pass the Keys under a Full Management agreement, where the Company will manage the entire process of advertising and managing the property.
    • In case of termination of the agreement between Pass the Keys and the new Client prior to 3 months either by Pass the Keys or by the new Client, then the Benefits will be reduced accordingly.